4 most lucrative facts about Google cloud platforms

Cloud computing has been available for about two decades according to history. If you slide away the statistics, to generate more efficiency, you will get many benefits like cost-benefits and competitive advantages.

According to the International Data Group survey, sixty nine percent of companies are currently utilizing cloud technology. There are other eighteen percent who said they intend to use google cloud services for some time now.

Savings in Cost

There are many who are concerned about the price tag and hoping that it will change to cloud computing. It is a worrisome matter and around 20% of companies worry about the initial expense of deploying a cloud-based server.

However, if you want to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing the cloud, you must consider more things than the initial cost of ROI as per research says. Once in the cloud, quick access to your company’s data saves the business owners a lot of their effort, money, and time.


As a small business owner, your firm may only have a limited emphasis on dividing its duties. If your existing IT solutions force you to focus too much on computer and data storage problems, you will not focus on achieving company objectives and customer satisfaction.

However, you will have more time to focus on elements of your company that directly impact your fund. As you will be depending on your firm to take care of all the IT hosting and infrastructure, make sure to use the google cloud services from a well reputed service provider.


Many organizations, when implementing a cloud computing system, have security issues. It happens because of their novice decisions. It is not however expected from you to know that files, applications and other data are stored safely or not.

If you can access your data remotely, it is risky indeed. Because then it means, anyone with a scamming intention can breach your space as well. To prevent these unfortunate speculations, the full-time duty of a cloud host is to closely monitor safety, which is much more efficient than a traditional in-house system.

In this case, an organization must split its efforts among a variety of IT issues. They should only expect perfect safety here. And although most companies don’t want to discuss publicly the potential of internal data theft, the reality is that an incredibly high proportion of data theft occurs inside. Research says, most part of it is done by inside workers in many situations.