4 Reasons Why Websites Must be ADA Compliant – Useful Advice from accessiBe

George W Bush signed the American Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities. The ADA has changed with the times and, in 2010, Standards for Accessible Design were added. In 2021, almost everybody is using the internet around the world – including disabled people. As a result, making sure that websites are accessible to all is hugely important. accessiBe explains why being ADA-compliant is so important for all websites today.

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Ensure Your Website is Useable by All

With almost 50 million people living with disabilities in the US alone, it’s clear to see why there are many advantages for your business of having an accessible website. Many of these people are potential customers but, sadly, may never convert to being a paying customer if they are unable to use your website due to accessibility issues and non-compliance.

Engage Your Audience

Lots of work often goes into keeping able-bodied customers engaged with your website and its content once they click through. However, some other users might not be having the best experience. For example, a blind user who uses a screen reader to access the web may struggle to make sense of your website if you have not taken the time to add the correct headers or include descriptive image tags. As a result, you’re losing out on vital engagements that could lead to sales.

Avoid Penalties

Since technology was not widely used at the time, the original version of the ADA did not mention websites when it was passed in 1990. However, since changes were made to include accessible design, many websites have been significantly penalized for failing to provide an accessible experience to all users.

Improve Your Reputation

It’s important for businesses to put their customers first, and being known for this is always a good reputation to have. However, putting your customers first doesn’t just involve giving good customer service – it’s important to think of all your customers, even your potential ones, and the type of experience that they are having when they visit your website. If certain customers aren’t having a positive experience due to a lack of accessible features, your reputation may suffer.

Considering all users and making your website more accessible will have many benefits for your company.