A List of Ideal Family Dog Breeds

Getting a dog for the family is a big decision. The new family member will be around for a long time, and you should carefully consider what kind of dog will fit into your lifestyle. Of course, you can’t know everything about how life is going to change. But for a little help. Here are some of the most recommended dog breeds for a family.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: His name is a mouthful, but this dog is very easy to manage and one of the most adorable dogs you will ever see. The CKCS is a toy sized dog, but proportioned like a full-size breed, with an attractive snout and appropriate leg length. This is a friendly dog that is good with children and responds well to training and to other dogs, which is good for dog boarding in Sydney. The CKCS combines the qualities of a lap dog and a sporting dog and has great intelligence too.

Bernese Mountain Dog: At the other end of the spectrum is this big boy. The Bernese is a very big dog, but with a heart to match. This is an excellent dog to grow up with your children, as they are gentle and protective. The Bernese Mountain Dog is an active dog, it likes to play and get some exercise, but it doesn’t want to do it alone, because it is pack orientated, and it considers the family the pack.

Golden Retriever: A beautiful dog with a heart of gold. Perhaps the most iconic family dog. The Golden Retriever has a wonderful mix of traits that make them adaptable to almost any situation, but they do like to have a purpose and get outside to do some work from time to time. This is a perfect dog to cuddle with in the evening, and they can handle time on their own as well. Not an aggressive dog, But faithful to a fault.

Bichon Friese: Another friendly dog, Usually of small to medium size. The Bichon Friese can be a bit excitable, but takes to training well. The main advantage of this breed is that it is a good city dog, comfortable indoors, and has a non-shedding coat that is mostly non-allergenic. They can be a bit noisy at times.

There are more excellent family dogs to consider, so take your time and make the right choice. Choosing a dog is like picking a member of your family, and they soon will feel like they are one. Handled properly, a dog can become that unifying element in a family that everyone loves and agrees upon. A wonderful bit of unity for your home.