Affordable Yet Fun Date Night Ideas

Every couple needs that dedicated time with one another. A time to disconnect from the day to day and get more in tune with their relationship. Date nights are one way of penciling in time for one another. There are plenty of things for couples to do on such occasions, but the price of just about everything has gone up. When you’re on a small budget, it would lead you to believe that date nights are something you simply can’t afford.

While it’s true that taking your love out can cost an arm and a leg, there are several creative and affordable date night ideas you could try:

Take a Day Trip

You may not be able to afford a full-blown vacation but a day trip could be just what you two need to recharge. If you live near a city that has things you’re interested in exploring further, why not make it a road trip? There are personal loans for bad credit you could apply for in order to rent a car and hit the road. You can bring your own food, make your own playlist, and drive for miles until you reach your destination. Once you arrive you can do things like hitting the beach, walk around a city park, or visiting museums.

Picnic in the Park

If you’re a hopeless romantic, the old picnic in the park date idea is right up your alley. Find a park with a nice view or picnic area. Then, decide on what you’ll make as a meal. If you’re on a limited budget, you could do sandwiches, chips, raw veggies, and fruit. If you have a bit more money, you could make your favorite meal and bring along a bottle of wine for the trip.

Community Sports

Are you both sports fanatics? While you may not be able to spring for professional tickets, you can watch a great game right in your community. You can find community, high school, or college sports teams playing everything from football to baseball. Find out when their next game is and make time to go cheer on the home team.


Bowling will forever be a  popular date idea. It’s competitive, fun, and depending on when you go, pretty affordable. Evening and weekend hours are usually going to be the most crowded and, therefore, the most expensive times to bowl. However, going during the day or on Sundays could get you a significant discount on everything from the bowling shoes to your drinks.

Fun Time In

You don’t always have to go out to spend quality time together as a couple. Why not have a fun time staying in? You could have a movie night with your favorite snacks, cook a new recipe together, create your own paint and sip, have a candlelit dinner for two, dance, play games, or give each other the spa treatment of a lifetime.

Date nights are what keeps the romance alive in your relationship. If you’ve been foregoing spending quality time with your love because of limited funds, there’s a way around it. You may have to get creative, plan strategically, or look for deals, but each of the above ideas will certainly be appreciated.