Are You Aware About These Active Safety Features in Car?

When you purchase any new vehicle then safety is one of the very crucial factor that you must check. Therefore, in this small article we shall try to explain you few safety factors that are available in various cars and SUVs.

Next time when you test drive Mercedes SUV, you must ask the dealers about these safety features.

  • Electronic stability control – It is a software that automatically controls the engine power and brake in case it detects that car is going to lose stability due to skidding.

  • Autonomous emergency braking – With the help of sensors and cameras, it can detect the emergency situation and if the driver fails to react, then it will the emergency break will activate and stop the car.
  • Electronic brake-force distribution – It helps in distributing brake force between the wheels.
  • Adaptive cruise control – It uses a radar so that you can maintain a safe distance from car ahead of you, by automatically controlling the speed.
  • Lane keeping technology – Warns the driver if you are out of your lane and in advanced system adjusts your steering too.
  • Visibility aids – With an array of cameras, it will help in manoeuvring in very tight parking places.

  • Speed limiting device – Reduce the engine power to control speed if it exceeds the limit.
  • Smart seat belt reminder – It alerts the driver and other passengers if they forget to use seat belts.
  • Attention monitoring system – It monitors whether the driver is tired and gives alarm so that you can take a break.
  • Blind spot warning system – It gives an audio alarm so that you may not meet with an accident while changing the lane.
  • Active headlights – Additional lights on left and right will turn on automatically if your change your direction.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system – Warns you if the tyre pressure is not correct.

Passive safety features

  • Strong body shell – It can resist and dissipate any kind of strong crash force.
  • Dual stage airbags – It helps to reduce injuries in case of crash
  • Good head restraints – It is needed to protect your head during any impact.
  • Seat mounted side airbags – Protects the chest, pelvis and abdomen during any side crash

  • Side curtain airbags – Protects the heads of rear and front passengers
  • Knee airbags – This is meant for preventing injury in lower limbs and pelvis by providing necessary cushion from dashboard and steering column.
  • Pre-tensioned and load limited seatbelts – When crash is imminent it will keep the driver fixed on the sea

With this info now, you can check these features while buying your new car.