Different Types of Torque Tools to Select

These days, you can find different varieties of tools in different shapes and sizes that can be used in industrial environment. Also, you will find a variety of torque tools too. All these tools have same capabilities however you can choose the type of tools for your project as per your budget and applications.

Some of the types of tools are as follows:

  • Electronic torque wrench

Electronics offer many flexibilities and therefore when you use any wrenches that have electronic controls then you can make it programmable by setting their limits. You can set the torque limits as per your specific needs. Electronic controlled torque wrenches use a strain gauge that works as a sensor to transform the torque into an electronic signal that can be processed by electronic circuits and also properly displayed by using LEDs. Memory chips can also be used for storing various readings that can be transferred to any computers in order to do further analysis.

  • Click wrench

Here socket wrench is used where you can set the level of torque that is required by you. Clutch mechanism is used for setting the torque level. When the operator uses the wrench, it will continue to give torque force till the limit that is set. After that it will slip and this indicates that the required torque has been achieved. Click wrenches are considered to be high precision wrench and prevents fasteners to reach the point of breaking.

  • Beam wrench

This is pretty simple and provides basic function of any wrench. There is an indicator attached with the wrench that indicates the reading of the torque almost like a needle of any weighing scale.

  • Plumber’s wrench

This kind of wrenches are meant for using in the coupling that are used in the pipes. It has a T-shaped handle which is quite similar to ratchet wrench. However, this type of plumber’s wrench is pre-calibrated and it tend to slip when the torque level has reached the right level that is required.

  • Hydraulic torque wrench

Such wrenches are normally used in automobile industries where sufficient amount of power is required to exert pressures on the fasteners.  Pressure is normally applied either in the nuts or bolts and pre-calibrated amount of torque is used to tighten the nuts and bolts. Also, it is needed that the fasteners must be sufficiently lubricated.

  • Deflecting beam wrench

When higher level or torque with better accuracy is needed then this type of wrench can be used. It also gives an audio signal when required torque level is achieved.

Based on your application you can select your type of wrench.