Don’t Miss These Things before Selecting a Corporate Catering Service

Organizing a corporate event is always chaotic. As the host, you have endless things to consider, keeping the corporate profile in mind. Apart from the main program, you have to arrange for other things, and that includes catering. Selecting the right corporate catering service is important, and in this post, we will talk about the things you must bear in mind

The options

Some venues have onsite catering services, so you need to take a package, depending on your guest list and nature of the event. Others may have the choice of inviting outside caterers, but in such cases, you have to be careful about the arrangements. For daytime events, the overall arrangements must be made in advance, so as to be ready by the lunch time. If this is a small event with no more than 100 guests, delivery is also an option. You can contact the caterer with your requirements, and they will arrive at the venue with food and beverages, ready to be served.

Check the basics

First things first, check if the caterer is licensed to serve alcohol at such events. They should bring their own supplies, including equipment such as margarita machines. For alcoholic beverages, you need to have enough bartenders, at least one for every 70 to 75 guests. Since food won’t be served immediately, talk to the caterers to know about the appetizers. In fact, a good catering service should offer alternate menu options, and if possible, they should accommodate requests for specific items.

Budget and other aspects

Just like any other event, you need to have a budget in place for your corporate event too. Consider fixing a price for the catering service and ask a few companies to send proposals. If this is a big event with hundreds of guests, always ask for tasting. Usually, caterers don’t offer tasting, unless the contract has been signed, but you can always pay for it. Secondly, consider asking for references. A caterer that has been in business for a while won’t mind sharing details of their recent clients and events. You may also check event photographs to know the kind of catering experience they have.

With corporate events, planning things in advance always helps. Also, for holidays and weekends, it is better to book the catering service at least a couple of weeks ahead, because many of the private events, weddings and functions are planned on these days.