Dr. Cletus Georges MD – Why Covid Isn’t Done With Us Yet

Knowledge is very much power when it comes to life in general and with regards to the Covid-19 virus this is something which we should all be looking to gain, more knowledge about it. Whilst things have subsided a great deal and whilst we have a fantastic vaccination program which is working hard to protect the world, this pandemic is not quite over yet. Experts like Dr. Cletus Georges MD are not giving doomsday predictions here, but they are trying to make sure that people have all the knowledge which they require with regards to what this virus is doing and why we are not completely out of the woods yet. Here is why the virus is not finished with us yet.

Forever Here

There is no getting rid of the virus, it will be here forever, and that is because of the wide spread of it. Over the years however we will have a much better vaccine and we will gradually be able to gain some level of here immunity. Until then however we can expect to see cases rise and rise. The key to this virus is making sure that both hospitalizations and deaths are reduced to the absolute minimum, and that is very much what we are working towards.

Mutations of The Virus

You may have seen already that there have been a number of variants of this virus, and that is something which will continue to happen. This is basically the virus entering the body and then being hit with antibodies, at which point it changes in its makeup so that it can still do what it set out to do. Sometimes these mutations fail but very often we see them become stronger than the variant which went before. As the virus mutates we need to ensure that we have vaccinations which can cope with the mutations.

Country Spikes

There are still many countries around the world which have not had terrible cases of Covid, for one reason or another. We can therefore assume that at some point these nations will see big spikes in cases and that could result in additional problems around the world. We have to do all that we can to get as much of the world’s population vaccinated, in order to stave off any further attacks from the virus.

New Viruses

And finally we have got to make sure that we are doing all that we can to prevent anything like this from ever happening again. We have got to go after those who were at the source of the outbreak and find out exactly why such a virus exists, and what we can do to prevent something like it from ever being brought to the human race again. This will require deep questions and strong investigative research, a failure to do this could certainly see a pandemic hit us again, and we have to learn the lessons of the past.