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Evan Rubinson is a veteran Founder and CEO in the music and finance industries, with extensive experience working specifically with musical instruments and accessories. Rubinson has always had a lifelong love of music, but also developed a passion for business and investing while attending Duke University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in investment and finance, and earned multiple internships at both Wall Street and private equity firms before breaking away from the finance industry and pursuing a career in music management at just 25 years old. \

Before founding ERA Music Brands, Evan Rubinson served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Armadillo Enterprises, where he worked with and became a co-owner of some of the most famous musical instrument brands across the globe, including ddrum Percussion, Luna Guitars, and Dean Guitars. He also founded Koroit Capital, a biotech and healthcare-focused hedge fund and investment firm and served as both the CEO and Chief Investment Officer, and also manages a number of commercial real estate properties in the Southeastern United States.

Evan Rubinson is a senior board member for the Duke University Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee (AAAC), where he interviews hopeful applicants, and a National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) member. He also serves on the USF Muma College of Business advisory board for the Digital Marketing Program, where he utilizes his finance and business skills to offer valuable insights on the intersections of business, finance, investments, and digital advertising.

Evan Rubinson contributes to several philanthropic efforts with his extra time and money, including The Tampa Bay Humane Society and Southeastern Guide Dogs, which both help Florida dogs find forever homes. He also donates to the Mike Calta Family Foundation, SGT Shredder: Rocking to Heal Vets, and Wounded Warriors. Last but not least, Rubinson donates to educational and athletic initiatives as an alumni of both Tampa Jesuit High School and Duke University.

Rubinson owns multiple commercial real estate properties and continues to look for good opportunities to make charitable donations or smart investments, particularly in the finance, music, and business management sectors. He recently joined the University of South Florida (USF) Muma College of Business Advisory Board for their Business Digital Marketing Program, where he will serve a one-year, renewable term.

In college, Evan Rubinson spent as much time as he could playing sports, particularly sprinting for the Duke University track and field team as a division one college athlete. His time spent at Duke did more than give him physical prowess though – it was here that he began to develop his formidable business strategy, brand-building, and entrepreneurship skills. These have benefited Rubinson throughout his life in many different positions, whether they be making investments into forward-thinking biotech and medical advancements or designing new, innovative musical instruments for his legacy brand.

Evan currently travels the world for work but resides in Tampa, Florida where he is able to give hands-on support to his business and philanthropic initiatives.