Grande Internet review. Everything that you need to know.

If you currently reside in Texas, you must opt for Grande Internet. Grande Communications is at the top of the game of the Internet with super-fast speeds and meager prices. Another good feature of Grande communications is that there is no data cap placed on the Internet. Now you must be left wondering, “If everything is so good, then where is the catch?”. Unfortunately, if you are not a Texas resident, Grande Internet will not be available. However, if you live in Texas, you should check out Grande Internet service.

Why should you opt for Grande Internet service?

  • You do not get sucked up in any contracts
  • You can avail high-speed Internet connection at a very affordable price.
  • There are no data caps placed on your Internet usage.

When should you not opt for Grande Internet connection?

  • If you are not living in Texas, since Grande Internet is only available in Texas

Prices and plans

If you are looking for a fast Internet connection at low and affordable rates, you should look into Grande. Even the low-priced plan of Grande, Internet 300, gives you enough speed to constantly stream in 4k. Grande communications also has both DSL and fiber networks. Fibre Internet connection is preferable over DSL due to its increased reliability. However, with the various plans available in Grande like 50, 300, 600, and 940 Mbps, you should get a fairly good speed even if you opt for DSL plans.

Grande internet plans

The 50 MBPS connection

This plan can be availed at 20:00 $4.99 per month. The download speed that you will avail of with this plan is 50 MBPS, and there is no data cap on the usage.

Internet 300

This plan can be availed at $24.99 per month. The download speed that you will receive on this plan is 300 Mbps, and there is no data cap on the usage.

Internet 600

This plan can be availed at $44.99 per month. The download speed you will avail in this plan is 940 Mbps, and there is no data cap on the usage.

Internet 940

The plan can be availed at $54.99 per month. The download speed you will avail with this plan will be 940 MBPS, and there is no data cap placed on the usage.

Everyone does not require 940 Mbps Internet speed. Thus, if you are on a tight montly budget, you can go for the Internet 300 or Internet 600 plans. Even if you go for the Internet 940 plan, comparing it with the other internet plans from the other Internet service providers, you will notice that the plan of Grande is very cheap and affordable. The 940 plan also offers the fastest upload speed. Suppose you are a content creator, YouTuber or work from home and need to upload videos or images on the Internet constantly. In that case, you should go for this plan.

The 50 Mbps plan is the cheapest one that Grande has to offer to his customers. However, this plan is not the most recommended one. If only one person is using the Internet, then this plan is a good choice. However, suppose you share the Internet with other family members, enjoy online gaming, or work from home. In that case, you should upgrade to either Internet 300 or Internet 600.

Internet speed

The Internet download speed of Grande can be compared to the other big names like Xfinity, Frontier, Verizon et cetera. Those who are customers of Grande have to pay less compared to the customers of the other Internet service providers. With less monthly expenses, you can avail better service and higher Internet speeds.

Unfortunately, in the 50 Mbps plan, the download speed is 50 Mbps, but the upload speed is very low. Thus, if you have to upload data on the Internet, the 50 MBPS plan is not recommended for you. If you choose Internet 300 or internal 600, these plans come with 20 Mbps upload speed. The Internet 940 plan offers an upload speed of 50 MIPS.

Grande has ranked 5th in the fastest Internet providers in Texas.

Data caps

Most internal service providers cap off the Internet data at around 1 TB. Most users are also happy with one TB of Internet data. However, if you are a content creator or an online gamer, one TB of data will not be sufficient for your monthly needs. With Grande, you do not have to worry about your data expiring. Thus, if you are an existing customer of Grande, you have nothing to worry about.

If you reside in Texas and are thinking of changing your Internet service provider, you must check out Grande. This one Internet service provider is enough to satisfy all your needs and requirements.