How Alejandro Pena, CEO of Keter Group, is Changing How We Look at Corporate Sustainability Endeavors

Alejandro Pena is the CEO of Keter Group, a position he has held since it was foisted upon him in 2017. In the intervening years since he took over his leadership position, Pena has helped Keter to embrace the global effort to increase corporate sustainability while embracing personal responsibility.

Keter CEO Alejandro Pena has helped to grow his company by leaps and bounds, changing it remarkably since it was first founded in 1948 by becoming a global leader in resin-based garden and household consumer goods.

With a focus on sustainability and adherence to efforts to improve sustainable designs and production efforts, Keter Group is situated in a position to lead in renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities.

Let’s look at how Pena has played such a pivotal role in changing the makeup of the company while adhering to their focal points.

Innovation Within Sustainable Endeavors

Keter Group first got its start in Israel thanks to its focus on resin-based sustainable material production. This high-quality resin material offers consumers the chance to embrace products that are built to last while still showcasing a relatively upscale finish. It didn’t take long for Keter Group to become one of the largest suppliers and distributors of high-quality resin products in the region, eventually leaking into Europe and throughout North America.

Focused on sustainability, Keter Group has followed the lead of Alejandro Pena as he helps the business focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and overall waste. Keter has made significant strides forward since implementing these goals, reducing gas emissions by 20% from 2020 to 2021 while reducing waste and water consumption by roughly 11% during that same period.

Living by the motto that the company has made its own, Keter focuses on inventing “what’s new and what’s next” while adhering to affordable lifestyle solutions that are good for the planet and for the consumer.

Eddie Johnson is the Managing Director of Keter Group, and he was quick to back up the work of Alejandro Pena. Johnson said, “Part of our DNA is being entrepreneurial and agile, and I think the original mindset that was brought in with the business was that nothing was impossible, and we have done our best to uphold that.”

Adding to the concepts parlayed by Eddie Johnson, Alejandro Pena pointed to the way that the company has focused on creating sustainable outcomes by focusing on the actual build of the business. A focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives has helped to reduce the overall consumption of energy in business.

Keter is far from being the first business to employ sustainable efforts, but its results have been worth marveling over.