How Is Your Mental Well Being Connected To Astrology?

Some people are surprised that astrlogy could be helpful in the treatment of mental illness because we astrologers are typically thought of as a bit bonkers. The detractors of astrology contend that it implies a predestination theory that can disempower practitioners and make some of them lose their sense of free will. As a result, doubters can assume that astrology conflicts with the objectives and techniques of therapy.

Such criticism is sometimes fair because some astrologers express a fatalistic view of planetary influences, such as the harmful impacts of eclipses or different planetary debilitations. They frequently incite anxiety in other people. Because our goal is to assist transformation at pivotal junctures in life, we want to underline the significance of using this knowledge to empower the individual, explain important duties, and identify precise action plans.

Mercury and the Moon are the planets that directly relate to your mental wellness. Also, Jupiter has an impact on your mental faculties. These planets have a strong connection to how mentally healthy you are. When they’re in good shape, they support mental wellness; when not, they lead to abnormal mental behavior. When the Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter, which stand for the mind, memory, and communication, and Jupiter, the ruler of knowledge and wisdom, are affected, people experience severe mental diseases such as mental tension, anxiety, and sadness.

An astrologer holds that by developing a trained sensitivity to nature’s cycles and phases, represented by celestial patterns, we can improve our well-being and mental health. We see connections between planetary cycles and a person’s lifetime developmental stages. The creative will of the person is bolstered, and a nuanced archetype is given to it.

If the Moon is afflicted negatively? The native’s mental development is slowed down by a sick Moon, which also causes worry and depression. Moon is in charge of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Since it is the celestial body closest to Earth, it significantly impacts how we live. The ocean’s tides are a subtly perceptible predictor of our emotional highs and lows because of the Moon’s gravitational pull. A Moon positioned favorably in your birth chart denotes cerebral and emotional fortitude. You will possess strong attention skills and creative ability with a well-positioned Moon.

If the unfavorable influence on your Mercury? The person is irritable and impatient when their Mercury is in trouble. According to Vedic astrology, Mercury symbolizes a quick mind and excellent communication. When it is afflicted, it will negatively impact these areas, resulting in memory loss. Problems like amnesia and OCD could arise in these people (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Your ability to think critically is diminished and disturbed by Jupiter in difficulty. The “biggest benefactor,” Jupiter, symbolizes intelligence and understanding and is the planet of knowledge and enlightenment. It can cause a lack of focus, confidence, and faith when afflicted. Low self-confidence, a feeble mind, and poor judgment are the results; these flaws prevent you from making intelligent decisions.

A Vedic astrolager offers us a solution concerning mental health, enabling us to determine whether there may be a mental problem about which we should exercise caution and take the necessary precautions and investigate efficient remedies to treat the condition.

Astrology can assist us in tracking the normal swings in our mood and energy that everyone experiences, in understanding the particular struggles or suffering that can lead to psychological distress, depression, or other disorders, and in determining a clear course for the future so that we can start taking steps in the right direction to make things better.