How Northwestern Polytechnic University is Becoming the Go-To University for Silicon Valley

The demand for a skilled workforce in Silicon Valley is constantly growing. In California, there is a need for college graduates with degrees in science and engineering, making them prime candidates to fill vacancies in all sorts of businesses. Because Silicon Valley continually demands many electronics, computer, and business professionals, NPU aims to prepare individuals to achieve the proficiency necessary for quality work in the high-technology industry. Silicon Valley’s most pressing needs are for hardware and software design engineers, software application specialists, networking experts, managers trained in the application of computers to business, and business personnel familiar with entrepreneurship and venture business management.

What Northwestern Polytechnic University Offers

Northwestern Polytechnic University offers a broad range of degree programs to prepare students for success in the high-tech industry. Graduates of NPU’s nine undergraduate programs and ten graduate programs go on to work at companies such as Apple, Cisco Systems, Google, Intel Corporation, LinkedIn Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, eBay Inc., Maxim Integrated Products Inc., Oracle Corporation, Silicon Graphics International Corp., Facebook Inc. among many others.

NPU students gain a strong foundation of knowledge and skills through general education courses that explore core concepts in the arts, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. In addition, NPU offers extensive connections with Silicon Valley through internships and entrepreneurial activities that allow students to put their academic learning into practice.

“Northwestern Polytechnic University is a technological university that cultivates creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit. By blending education with internships, Northwestern Polytechnic University students gain the expertise they need to succeed in high-tech fields.”

Student Learning at NPU

At Northwestern Polytechnic University, learning extends beyond the classroom. The hands-on experiences afforded by internships and other programs prepare students for real-world applications.

Discrete Structures Program

Students learn about data structures, discrete mathematics, and computability, which is a fundamental background for careers in software engineering or computer science. Students take courses like Discrete Structures I & II and Introduction to Computing with Data Structures.

Data Structures & Algorithms Program

This program includes courses in systems fundamentals, programming principles, software development, data structures, and algorithms. As a result, students who earn their bachelor’s degrees are well prepared for more advanced computer science courses at Northwestern Polytechnic University or other top universities throughout the country.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Program

The art of giving machines the power to see, hear, feel and act like humans are becoming a reality. Northwestern Polytechnic University students learn how to create artificial intelligence that can think for itself by studying programming languages, software engineering principles, computer systems fundamentals, data structures, and algorithms. In addition, mathematical tools such as probability, linear algebra, and statistics are fundamental to machine learning.

“Science of the Future” Program for Science & Engineering Majors

This program offers an accelerated path for students majoring in science or engineering. The interdisciplinary program provides a curriculum that blends rigorous courses in computer science, mathematics, and physics while meeting all general education requirements. Students who earn their bachelor’s degree in just three years will qualify for advanced placement (AP) credits or exemptions to fill the remaining undergraduate elective requirements.

Final Thoughts on NPU’s Graduates

Northwestern Polytechnic University students graduate with skills that are highly valued by Silicon Valley’s most dynamic companies. Technological innovation is the driving force in the world today, and Northwestern Polytechnic University graduates are prepared to make significant contributions in their chosen fields.

“Silicon Valley has led America out of prior recessions because it continues to produce the products that fuel economic recovery. But, as a region, our success depends on talent-driven innovation in electronics, computer hardware, and software design, engineering, management consulting, and entrepreneurship.”