How to Determine the Suitable Refrigerator Size?

Investing on major appliances needs a little consideration. Finding a suitable unit is necessary as it will offer you benefits like –

  • Lots of storage space
  • Promote fresh food’s shelf life
  • Flexible design to lay items as per your priority

Before you, research on the meilleur Frigidaire [best Frigidaire] gets to know the basics. This will help you in deciding on the right size to consider.

Basic guidelines to buy a suitable sized refrigerator

  • Measure space but leave some area on the sides, top, and back for ventilation.
  • Even consider which side is it easy to open the door – left or right. Also, there has to be sufficient space to swing open the door/s.
  • Household size determines the capacity. For example, 3 to 4 people need 520 to 600 liters
  • Lifestyle & eating habits – A big home doing lots of entertaining will need a large size unit. A small unit is fine for the household that frequently dines out or has dinner ordered [home delivery].
  • Energy efficiency – More stars mean better savings on the utility bill.
  • Fridge design & functionality – Adjustable shelves, extra sections, crispers, colors, water & ice dispensers, etc.

Types of refrigerator

  • The popular choices are top-mount and the bottom-mount units as they fit in average-sized cavities.
  • If you have room then consider a 3 door or side-by-side unit. These fridges have extra width, which can be used to store large items like cakes, platters, or trays. They not only look great but finding items is made easy.
  • Vertical fridge & freezer called ‘Pigeon Pair’ is another type that a large family can consider. Both the fridge & freezer are separate units. You can either place them beside each other, on top of the other or in different places.
  • A chest freezer is also suitable for large households. It allows the owner to buy food in large quantities at discount rates. It even cuts the supermarket trips and thus saves significant money. A chest freezer can be placed in the garage, to save space within your home.
  • Bar fridge is suitable for those living in studio apartments. You get handy storage features like an egg tray, a crisper bin, a dairy bin, a wine dish, and a freezer slot.

If you are still in doubt about the size of the refrigerator you need to buy, then call the team at meselectros.com. Their customer service will discuss your options and help you make a decision.