How to Maximize Your Budget when Buying Wine – Underground Cellar Explains

Wine collecting is seen as an expensive hobby, and it can be. However, wines don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars to be enjoyable. Not everyone wants to keep bottles forever or even resell them. If all you want is to always have the perfect bottle on hand for any occasion, that’s something anyone can do even on a modest budget. Here are a few tips on how to maximize your budget when buying wine, courtesy of the team at Underground Cellar.

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Look at Online Options

The first thing you should do is look beyond local retailers and go online. There are plenty of wine retailers and clubs that will allow you to save a lot of money on everyday wines and exclusive finds. Some will even go as far as storing the bottles for you. You will almost always get a better price when buying online, so look at a few reputable suppliers and see what they have to offer.

Don’t Overspend on Storage

If you want to build a small collection only for your enjoyment, then you don’t have to build a dedicated cellar space and spend lots of money on a temperature-controlled room or closet. All you need is a dark space where you’ll be able to store the bottles safely. Just make sure that you store them on their side, away from vibration, and that the area is around 65-70°F at all times. A small closet will more than suffice here.

Go for Personal Favorites

If you’re building a modest collection, you should focus more on finding wines that you love than bottles that will appreciate. You could also collect bottles for sentimental value. Some will buy vintages that coordinate with a special event in their lives, like their wedding anniversary or the birth of their first child for instance. Be creative, and go for what you like first and foremost.

These are all tips you can use to make your dollar stretch further when buying wine. You’ll be able to build a collection you’ll get to enjoy and that’s all that really matters.