Javier Burillo – What Makes Tacos Al Pastor So Popular?

Throughout Mexico there is an enormous range of taco options which you can choose from. In fact just about every kind of meat you can think of is best enjoyed in taco form, and this is very much the nation’s favorite meal option. One of the most commonly bought tacos throughout the country is tacos al Pastor, and today we are going to look into exactly why they are so popular. This is the same for natives and tourists alike, and this is exactly why everyone loves them.

What is Tacos Al Pastor?

This particular taco option features pork meat which has been heavily marinated with a blend of spices. The pork is then layered on a spit, and cooked right there at the taco stand. The taco is served in a small corn tortilla which is then dressed with a slice of pineapple, cilantro, raw white onion, lime juice and spicy salsa.

Cheapest Taco Around

Tacos are pretty cheap at the best of times, yet this is the lowest cost taco that you are likely to find anywhere in the country. Prices range from vendor to vendor of course, but usually you can pick these up for around twenty cents per taco. That is a crazy price to pay, and the thought of enjoying 5 of these little beauties for a dollar is absolutely increasable. This is certainly one of the reasons as to why the tacos are as popular as they are.


This is the only taco which you will find that is cooked on a spit. In fact at each taco place they have a trained person manning the spit at all times, and they are responsible for cooking and looking after the pastor meat. There is certainly a sense of marketing with this taco, because everyone wants to eat the meat which is being cooked on a spit in front of their eyes.

Size of the Taco

My friend Javier Burillo pointed something out to me recently when we were discussing why this taco is so popular. He was referring to the size of the taco, which is often much smaller than others you could choose from. This again is something that people enjoy because you can combine them with other tacos or enjoy them as a very light snack. Tacos can be enjoyed for all sorts of reasons but more often than not we see them as a small snack at midday, which is what makes this the perfect option.


 Ultimately the blend of spices which are used to rub the meat results in a delicious flavor and that again is why this is so commonly bought. Other meats offer their own flavors, yet they are very rarely prepared with flavorings. This is why tacos al pastor stands out from the rest, and why so many people love this option when they go out to enjoy some tacos.

What is your favorite kind of taco?