Know the Common Causes Leading to Cracks on Concrete Slab

Often concrete slab of an infrastructure starts to crack in couple of years. This leads to multiple problems, which can be avoided if certain precautions are taken while building the property.

Owners of many premises facing the sunken concrete slab problem feel the need to know the reasons causing sunken concrete slab. Thus before finding solutions for the issues, it will be helpful to know the causes of the undesired occurrence.

The causes:

  • While mixing the materials for the concrete mason uses excess of water. Surplus water will make it easier to install the concrete mix. Increase in the proportion of water in the concrete mixture will reduce the strength of the slab.
  • The fast drying of the slab will increase the possibility of cracking. When the concrete material transforms into plastic state from liquid form then finally to solid form, frequent water needs to be poured over the slab for couple of weeks. Insufficient water will result in parting of the concrete.

  • Strength of the concrete isn’t properly done. Control joints made of stronger material like iron need to be perfectly done otherwise there are chances of cracks appearing on the slab. Even thickness of the concrete matters a lot for strengthening the slab durability.
  • Usage of substandard materials won’t be helpful to prevent the cracks appearing on the concrete cement slab.
  • Filling under the slab needs to be adequately done before the concrete slab work begins.

While building the infrastructure make sure to appoint highly recommended contractor. Novice builders won’t be the best suitable person to do the construction job perfectly. While the construction work is in process make sure to know the quality of materials used to build the building.

Hints to avoid the sinking of concrete slab:

  • Don’t let the upper part of the freshly laid concrete slab dry. Supplying water constantly will be quite beneficial.
  • Putting poorly compacted soil underneath the slab will lead to movement of the soil. Adding crushed stone along with the compacted soil would help in prevention of soil getting compressed.

Know more in detail about the prevention methods applying to keep your concrete slab intact for many years. The strength of concrete slabs of any dimension needs to be built with high quality material. This will prevent cracks and avoid its shrinking leading to other issues. By considering a few facts, you can construct a well-built infrastructure.