Is lack of motivation common in depression?

There is a constant lack of motivation which you can feel due to any sort of mental illness or depression and this can be debilitating. There are few things that need to be done and which are extremely important when it comes to reducing the signs of depression. For all those who have been suffering from depression, one of the biggest obstacles is lack of enough motivation. What should you do when you feel lack of motivation?

Are you wondering whether or not there is a link between lack of motivation and depression? If answered yes, you may visit to know more on it. Read on the concerns to know how motivation is affected due to depression.

Is it common to find lack of motivation during a state of depression?

What is mental health recovery? Recovery is the procedure of change where the individual goes through an improvement of their wellness and health, they tend to live self-directed lies and they are also able to reach out to the potential that they deserve. Each and every element of healthy recovery will need you to do something and amidst all this, if you say that you can’t even get out of bed, depression will seep inside you completely. The depressed individual might find himself within a heap of tasks which are all left undone and the plans of which are still not accomplished.

Beating lack of motivation due to depression – What steps to take?

  • Try to recognize the essentials

Whenever you feel depressed and you also feel the dearth of enough motivation to do tasks, you might require adjusting the ideas regarding what is needed and what isn’t. You have to decide between doing the dishes and polishing the kitchen. You have to decide which is more important than the other.

  • Break down the bigger tasks into easier ones

If you think your kitchen needs a round of cleaning and you see dirty dishes everywhere. In case this seems to be a big task for you, plan how you would clean up your kitchen in smaller and easier ways so that it doesn’t seem to be a huge task. This might take few days but you can still complete the entire job in few more days so as to reduce the burden.

  • Think positively about your victories

When you’re recovering from your mental health issues, celebrate each small step. Make sure you remind yourself that you can move one step at a time and this is how you’ve already achieved victory. Whenever you think you have lack of motivation due to depression, don’t lose hope. You can always beat it.

Therefore, whenever you’re suffering from depression, you should get counseling help so that you can get back to normalcy as soon as possible.