Making a Game Out of Buying Wine Online with Underground Cellar

Buying wine online can be fun, but rarely could it be considered a game. But all that has changed with the launch of Underground Cellar, an online e-commerce wine platform that allows customers to buy wine within their budget and then upgrade a few bottles to higher-value wines.

The secret behind this game is that with Underground Cellar, half of all bottles purchased are upgraded to higher-priced ones. As a result, wines can be upgraded to bottles that are hundreds of times more expensive in some instances. This technique not only promotes wineries’ brands, but it also satisfies customers’ desires for quality, as well as surprise and enjoyment.

“The high-value wines are discovered through our community of wine aficionados, or ‘tasters.’ These are the folks who have developed their palate over years of tasting different wines,” says CEO Jeff Shaw. “We call them our ‘tastemakers.'”

“Buying wine can be intimidating, especially when you don’t want to spend $100 for a bottle of wine but still want to drink something new and delicious,” says Shaw. “Wineries are looking for ways to get new customers, and this is an innovative way to offer value.”

Underground Cellar’s revenue model is built on partnering up with wineries which are paid commissions and bonuses on referred sales. “To our winery clients,” says Shaw, “we provide a way to create brand awareness and grow their customer base by selling people wines that they might not have thought of buying.”

“If this were only about the money, we would ultimately fail,” says Shaw. “While we do measure success in terms of revenue and profit, we measure success in terms of how many people love wine and drink more of it. We succeed when we help the world enjoy wine.”

Customers Love It

A check of customer reviews reveals the success of the program. One satisfied customer writes, “So far, I’ve been overwhelmed with what a unique and fun idea this is! And it’s changing my perception of wines that I would have never thought to try before.”

Another writes, “I love wine, and anything that helps me discover new wines is fantastic!”

Still, another says, “It’s an opportunity for me to relax, learn about wines I wouldn’t normally try, and discover new wines.”

Not only does Underground Cellar offer customers a convenient way to buy wine within their price range while also having the chance to upgrade, but it also allows them to have fun while doing so.

Shaw says that the company’s best accomplishment thus far is to make people happy when they drink wine. “When I sit down with my friends and family to share a bottle of wine together, I feel like I’m on top of the world,” he says. “Our goal is simply to provide more drinking experiences like these. Wine is about being social and having fun.”

With their raving customer reviews online, it looks like Underground Cellar will be on top of the world for a long time to come. So check out their site today and see for yourself.