The Importance of a Great Sales Person in an Aesthetic Clinic

You can take your aesthetic clinic to the next level with a great salesperson. But what makes a great salesperson? Ask yourself this: Do you want friendly, bubbly, and enthusiastic staff who provide the best customer service yet persuade people to join your business with ease?

Or do you want someone who will sell as many packages as possible without any thought for customer experience or retention?

Many clinics make the mistake of hiring anyone who applies for an admin position, but this is a huge missed opportunity! Having only excellent salespeople on your team will set you apart from your competitors and help build your business.

Below is the importance of having a great salesperson in an aesthetic clinic that sells medical and aesthetic lasers

  1. They know how to sell the “WOW” factor

When choosing your staff, you should look for people who know how to sell and add value. Your sales team needs to add the WOW factor when selling treatments and services to make them appealing and irresistible for potential patients.

  1. They can adapt well to different circumstances

Many people know how to sell one thing, but not another. When it comes to selling packages of treatments, facial aesthetics is often confusing for patients. It’s essential to have a team that can discuss the benefits of different procedures in layman terms and then recommends what they feel is suitable for the patient.

  1. They can create the right opportunities

A great salesperson can identify clients who may need package deals, introduce them to the team and help them feel confident in their treatment. They understand that selling treatments will vary depending on which client they are dealing with, and they don’t just aim for the sale at all costs.

  1. They know how to up-sell and cross-sell

Based on a client’s needs, a great salesperson can recommend add-on treatments that will enhance their experience in your clinic.

  1. They have superior product knowledge

As well as understanding the services you provide in-depth, a great salesperson has excellent product knowledge of all retail items available. It ensures they can answer any client’s questions or sell them products that enhance their service or result.

  1. They give excellent customer service

After-sales is just as important as during sales; therefore, customers should be provided with an exceptional customer experience at all times.

  1. They focus on results rather than numbers

Time and time again, the biggest mistake clinics make is hiring salespeople who are only concerned with numbers. If you’re constantly looking at your KPIs and nothing else, the chances are that patient experience will suffer.

You need to hire a team member who understands that if they provide excellent customer service and use product knowledge to enhance their services, this will result in retention rates, which are crucial to long-term success. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become an excellent salesperson, but it can make all the difference in your clinic or business when done correctly.