Visiting Mumbai? Don’t Miss These Hangout Spots

Mumbai is a venerable paradise for travelers. Right from dusty old nooks which remind you of its rich heritage, to tall, swanky glass buildings housing the classiest pubs, Mumbai has it all. It is a literal delight for gourmets with a rich street-food culture while boasting of the best five-star eateries in the country.  You can choose to shop for antiques disposed off by the affluent in the slim by-lanes as well a pick from the most expensive boutiques in the most beautifully constructed malls you can imagine.

There’s a lot going on in Mumbai due to being the financial capital, the film capital and a settlement for foreigners since it lies on the coast. Essentially, there’s something for everyone in this nostalgic city which also houses the most affluent people in the country.

Given below is a list of places where you can hangout when you are visiting Mumbai or if you are wondering about Mumbai things to do.

  1. Essel World:

Despite being perhaps among the oldest amusement parks around, it is still the largest amusement park in the country. With an annual inflow of 1.8 million guests, it is no wonder that Essel World remains at the top of the list for most people to hang out at. Along with the neighboring “Water Kingdom’ run by the same company, the amusement park spans an area of 64 acres.

The fact that it is a pretty old setup does not seem to throw off people since Essel World has remained at the top of its game and added several attractions such a ‘Monsters in The Mist’- a haunted house where monsters spring out at you from corners and dark alleys, an ice skating rink, the famous Fuji Aqua Dive which consists of a steep 50 foot fall into a pool of water and tens of other rides separated under family rides, adult rides and children’s rides.

There are several restaurants and eateries that allow you to replenish your energy after each adrenaline inducing and physically draining rides.

This makes it an amazing place to head to with your friends to spend an entire day without feeling bored for even a second.

  1. Colaba Market:

The Colaba market is a great place to spend your day if you are a fan of art and love shopping as well. At the entrance of the Colaba causeway itself, you can see brightly colored bags, shawls, stoles, t-shirts, mugs and various other clothes and accessories. It is no doubt a paradise for shoppers and a lot of people find that the number of hours in one day seems to be quite less to explore this amazing place.

The stalls house several treasures which you have to spend time to find, and also bargain it out with the shopkeepers to make sure you get it at an amazing price as well.

If you are tired of roaming about in the heat, take a break and head to Regal Cinemas, the first air-conditioned theater in India and watch the fine movies on offer there. It has a timeless art deco feel which will make you feel like you are in another world entirely.

Not too far away is the Chowpatty beach, where you can indulge in a timeless romantic walk along the beach with your significant other or enjoy the chaat available on the sidewalks. It doesn’t get any more typical Mumbai than this!

  1. Carter Road:

Carter Road in Bandra is one of the most amazing and up-scale places to hang out in and everyone knows that it is among the most popular places for the best coffee shops and restaurants in town. It is a delight for foodies with anumber of bakeries, patisseries, cafes,and confectionaries serving some of the best food available in Mumbai. Continental, Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean are only a few of the cuisines that one can partake in.

The promenade on Carter Road is a kilometer long walk-way along the beautiful Arabian Sea. If you get bored of simply walking around, you can play chess while gazing over the calm waters and feeling the sea breeze caressing your hair. If cricket is more up your alley, you can marvel upon the iconic ‘Tendulkar’s bat’ sculpture in the same area.

If you are in need of some retail therapy, just head along to the huge malls dotting the Bandra area and indulge in some sinful spending. If that is not enough, you can come across several celebrities hanging out here and have a fun time trying to spot them.

While Mumbai seems to be a place where it is not possible to simply hang out at first glance, a little bit of searching can lead you to beautiful places where you can easily spend the entire day with your buddies or maybe even alone without getting bored or feeling out of place. As someone rightly said- ‘This city has a little bit of something for everyone’.